Top Fashion Trends of 2019


With 2019 comes a fresh outlook on the trends of fashion. Subject to change at any moment, you may find it hard to keep up and rightly so. What made the cut for 2019, what’s been introduced and what’s stayed on from the previous years? Here are the top fashion trends from 2019 and the likely next additions to your wardrobe.


Popping up on some notable spring 2019 runways, the colour yellow has been quite the hit amongst fashion lovers. Going for a soft shade of course, more pastel in colour, yellow outfits will probably be more in season than last year. Go for a cute yellow sundress that breathes whimsicality and bliss. As the weather gets hotter, it will undoubtedly help beat the heat too.


Maxi dresses have been in season for quite some time and it looks like it won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. This is the perfect outfit for any vacation as it gives you a rather casual look, perfect for a night on the beach or a dinner date out.


Matching sets are fast becoming a thing in 2019. This makes waking up in the morning and deciding on your outfit far easier than it was before. Coordinating outfits usually look more engaging when paired with shorts and a crop top/jacket but you do get those who pull off the look with long pants for a more sophisticated look.


Will denim ever run out of style? Debatable. Perhaps its only drawback was that it used to come in a single colour but now with different colours available, you can get one to suit each need!


Incorporating bursts of colour into your outfit will never run out of style. For example, paring a colourfully textured shawl with a plain black or white outfit draws attention in all the right ways. For more inspiration on such accessories, visit


Tie-dye is certainly taking a turn in the fashion industry, including items like tie-dye sweaters to tie-dye jackets. It’s definitely not a take that will suit everyone, but for those that it does, this is a step up in the right direction.


While definitely not taking a practical approach, we have designers introducing us to the works of microfashion with microbags. These tiny accessories certainly are adorable but we’re going to remain doubtful about this one. Mini bags, however, (slightly bigger) might be just the right way to start your intentions of downsizing and a more practical approach at that.


From embracing the 90’s we’ve moved back to the 80’s. It’s true that vintage simply never goes out of style and keeps making a miraculous comeback. This year, it’s puff sleeves and cinched belts that’s getting everyone’s attention.


Yet another piece that’s been gracing the runways of 2019 is the denim vest. This piece, while nearly forgotten, seems to be making a bit of a comeback so let’s see how it fares.

So, what do you think of 2019’s fashion trends so far? They’re likely to change or more are likely to head our way as the year progresses so don’t get too comfortable!


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