Essential Clothing for Winter Days


What are the best outfits for the coldest time of the year? What can keep you warm, cosy and comfortable at the same time? Given here are some of the essentials you need to have in your wardrobe to prepare for winter days.

Wool Coat

This is the most important piece of your winter outfit. It can keep you warm during the cold. The fabric does not allow to transfer body heat to outer environment but instead makes the moisture of your own skin to act as an insulator. It can also keep you from getting wet from rain or snow. So, if you already don’t own one, it is time to have coat ready in your wardrobe. Go to your nearest clothing store or simply order wool clothing online. Choose a neutral colour because you might be pairing this up with more than one outfit.

Rain Jacket

This is to keep you protected from heavy rains. A water-resistant shell jacket is also capable of keeping you dry in rain and snow. Try to pick a one with a hood so that your entire upper body can be covered. You can slip these jackets over basically anything; a dress, T-shirt or shirt. When buying go for a one that you can simply store in your backpack/ tote so that you can carry it with you to wear in case of a sudden weather change.


Not everyone is a fan of wearing scarfs. But it can give you little extra warmth and keep you cosy. Add a few scarfs of different lengths and styles to your winter cloth selection so that you can wear them with a lot of outfits in different ways. Make sure there are not only bold statement colours but also one or two neutral colours in your collection as well. When buying make sure it is long enough to be knotted and is soft and comfortable.


Just like your wool coat, sweaters can keep you warm and dry. Get yourself a knit sweater that can keep you comfortable whether you are relaxing at home or travelling. Make sure it is not tight fit but relaxed so that you can wear it over a t- shirt or a shirt. The advantage of a sweater is that it is simple but looks stylish at the same time.


Beanies save your hair from cold weather. They are perfect to pair with your casual outfits, especially if you don’t want the humidity to mess your hair. You can always stuff your beanie back in your coat pocket if you start getting warmer. Choose beanies that are relaxed but not too loose. Don’t go for too tight ones either as it will not be able to cover your ears.


Boots can keep you warm and also makes you look very stylish. What is more is that a pair of neutral coloured boots will go with almost anything – jeans and t-shirt, dress, wide leg pants or skirt. Get a pair of water-resistant boots to keep your toes from freezing in chilly weather. For extra warmth, join them with a pair of socks.

There you have your winter shopping list. Try on each item before you buy so you don’t have to run back to the store in freezing weather because your items won’t fit.

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