A Newbie’s Guide on How to Start Sewing


Have you thought about learning how to sew clothes and other things? Sewing is a great hobby for those who are looking for a relaxing yet fulfilling activity they could do during their free time. Unlike other crafts, sewing is not demanding and taxing at all. You could start whenever you want, pause and continue it again whenever you want without worries about the project being ruined.

If you’re a bit serious with sewing, you could also earn from it by selling your finished products. Nowadays, it’s easy to learn how to sew with so many tutorials and guides you could find online. As long as you have the supplies and the passion for it, you could definitely star learning how to sew.

For newbies, here is a simple guide on how you could start sewing.

Have a Sewing Machine

A sewing machine makes sewing everything easier and faster. Even if you’re still starting out, you’ll need to get a good sewing machine to practice your sewing skills. You could choose whether to buy a brand new or used one, rent, or borrow a sewing machine. When choosing a sewing machine, see to it that it has the basic stitches you’ll commonly use such as straight stitch and adjustable zigzag stitch.

Gather the Tools and Supplies Needed

There are plenty of tools and supplies you’ll need when sewing such as a pair of sharp scissors, thread, pins, tape measure, marking tool, and many more. Before starting this new hobby, gather all the basic tools and supplies needed first for a hassle-free sewing experience. Place them where you could easily find and access them while doing your sewing project.

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine

Every sewing machine feels different but they all work similarly when used. Before starting any project, get to know your sewing machine first by trying out a few practice stitches on a piece of fabric. Learn how it works and set up such as threading, moving the presser foot, and many more.

Decide Your First Project

Once you’re familiar with the sewing machine, you’re now ready to take on your first sewing project. Choose ones that are simple to begin with. Sewing patterns are widely available these days for different sewing proficiencies. Choose from a wide range of skirt sewing pattern and other simple patterns for beginners as your first sewing project.

Select the Fabric

Once you’ve decided on a project to make, it’s time to get the fabric you need. For beginners, it is best to work on fabrics that aren’t too slippery since they are easier to handle. You could also refer to the pattern for fabric suggestions that suit the project.

Once everything is ready, you’re all set to start your first sewing project. It may be challenging at first and could even take you for a long time but all your efforts will be worth it when you finish your first ever sewing project.


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