How To Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin?


Foundation is the bare minimum when it comes to using make up. It helps blend in the different textures and skin tones of the face, covers scars and touches up tired eyes. It makes makeup application easy and more or less ties together all the elements of makeup used. Each person does have preference when it comes to brands of foundation, the type and even if they want to use it or not. However just like any other makeup there are a few must dos and don’ts when it comes to your foundation. So here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right foundation for your skin.

Skin shade and tone

This is probably the most basic and most important tip when choosing your foundation and very honestly it is a no brainer. However, although we think that choosing the right shade is very basic you will be surprised as to how this goes wrong. There are plenty of shades and sometimes choosing the right shade can be difficult. It is important to note that the colour you choose should blend into your neck and rest of your body. So, when choosing your shade you sample colours, spread evenly and pick a shade that is the closet to your natural colour that compliments the undertones of your skin.

How long you want it to last

There are plenty of composition of foundations such as liquid or powder. The type will determine how long it lasts on your face and how it will look. Liquid may provide more coverage and can hide darker scars or freckles that you are trying to cover up. It does keep its look longer and is ideal if you have a long day. On the other hand, powder can feel lighter on skin and more effortless keeping a natural look.

Sensitivity of skin

The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive and can be easily irritated with the wrong products and chemicals therefore it is important to always test the product prior to applying it. Natural ingredients are always a better solution so if you are looking for vegan foundation there are options available for you. This has become quite popular as it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as less harmful to the skin.

Make use of the virtual try on

Physically going to a store and trying on the sample tubes may sound icky with the pandemic still going on. In fact, it makes us shake our head in disapproval at how causal we were about life pre-Covid. That is why making use of the virtual try-ons when buying online can help you make a better decision before purchasing the product. Choose through the various shades until you find one that matches and accentuates your features. It may take many tries to find the perfect shade and the best application technique but it is something fun to try out.


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