How To Shop Smart: Things To Keep In Mind


Shop until you drop. This old adage is starting to change as the world slowly learns how to shop smartly. In this world where the money is hard to earn, many have decided to spend their money more wisely. This is not really surprising as it appears that this is the practical thing to do nowadays. Although it may be hard to do so at first, it does not mean that it is impossible. To help you, here are some pointers that you should remember whenever you go shopping.


To stop you from overspending, you need to create a list for yourself. List down all that the items that you need to buy. This list serves as your maximum limit. Anything in excess of it is already prohibited. Hence, if your list only includes silk tops from fable, then so be it. After you buy it, you better end your shopping journey and just run home.


As you list down all the things that you need, you are also required to create a budget. Similar to the list, this budget will serve as your maximum limit. In case, the item that you want to buy is not within your budget, you should abandon the idea of buying it. However, if your item is within that budgeted amount and you have reached your maximum limit, it is a good indication that you should end your shopping journey and lock yourself at home. Through this, you can avoid overspending.


An old adage reminds all individuals that there‘s a time for everything. Just like everything else, there is also an appropriate time for shopping. However, this does not mean that late evening is the best shopping time than early morning. This actually means that you have to schedule your shopping trips. For example, you decided that it is once a month, then stick to that once a month. Restrain yourself from shopping more than once.

Alone Time

Consider shopping as an exceptional time for you to be alone. Do not drag other people whenever you go shopping. They can compel you to make purchases that you do not intend to do. They are considered as the “devils” whenever you shop and they influence you to do the bad thing – overspend. Hence, it is best to shop alone and unaccompanied.


When you shop, make sure that you are emotions are at a controllable flat level. Do not shop whenever you are broken-hearted, stressed out, lonely, bored, hungry, disappointed, and other possible emotional states. Being too emotional only urges you to shop unconsciously, unmindful of whatever it is that could transpire thereafter. When you are too emotional, your behaviour is mostly based on your emotion and not on your mental state. So if you feel emotional, do something else – eat, swim, walk, run, sleep – until such time that you are back to your senses. Only then can you make smart shopping choices.

At the end of the day, no one is hindering you from shopping. However, today’s circumstances encourage individuals to shop consciously, thus, be wise.


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