Low Budget Ways To Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe


We all adore fashion and wish we could buy the latest trends every season. However let’s face it, it’s too expensive. You need to pay your bills first. It doesn’t mean you cannot look glam during this winter season though. If you look around, you might get some ideas on how to hype up your look this season and it wouldn’t take up much of your paycheck. So here are some fabulous tips to upgrade your winter wardrobe at low cost and still look stunning.

Inject Some Color

Winter is boring due to all the staple colors such as black, grey, white and cream. People hardly add color to their winter wardrobe and this norm should be changed. You probably bought them to match every season but it’s no harm adding a few bright colors. If you don’t want to go big at once, start off small. Add a red handbag to a staple outfit so that it gives a pop of color. Next, you can try a red sweater. If you are reluctant to go for bright and bold colors such as red, orange or yellow, you can stick to neutral but different colors such as dark green, burgundy red pale pink. They are still better than black, white and grey.

Don’t Put Away Your Summer Clothes

As the seasons change, you switch up your entire wardrobe by default, pack away the summer clothes and bring back the boring winter clothes. This will make you feel like you have fewer clothes and then be tempted to go shopping unnecessarily. Rather, keep all the clothes in your closet all year round. You may find that your summer clothes can be worn as layers and to add some color and pattern to your outfit. Simply push the miniskirts, shorts and summer dresses to the back of the cupboard but don’t let them out of sight. There could be occasions to wear them by mixing and matching various pieces.

Have A Lookbook

You probably have clothes you don’t even remember buying. During last summer’s sale, you must have bought new mens Villin hoodies, shoved them in the closet to be used during winter and completely forgotten about them. This is why you need to maintain a digital lookbook. All you have to do it, wear it, take a picture and save it in an album on your phone or on a wardrobe app. These apps give the option of categorizing all items under sweaters, shirts, skirts, shoes, bags, etc. The next time you are putting together outfits; you can pick separate items, mix and match and play around. Having your wardrobe at your fingertips will prevent you from buying unnecessary items.


Accessories can create a whole new look, even if you are wearing the same clothes. Don’t be afraid to wear different types of shoes, scarves or hats to top it up a notch. Challenge yourself to take risks with colors and patterns. No one would even notice you are wearing the same thing as last week



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