How to Style Your Outfits for Both Work and Play


If you have ever been invited to after-work drinks, you know the fashion conundrum that exists. Although you would like to accept the invitation, you are also painfully aware that you are still in your work clothes. However, what if that wasn’t such a bad thing?

If your dress code isn’t that severe, there is plenty of opportunity to don an outfit that is suitable for all occasions. With the right pieces and a few tricks, you will be able to look amazing, regardless of the place or time of day. This is what you will need to do:

Look for Versatile Fabrics

There are some fabrics that look great no matter what time of day you choose to wear them. Case in point is silk. Not only is this material luxurious (and gorgeous) but it is also quite feminine and sexy at the same time. So, it really is about how you choose to dress it up – or down.

The next time that you are ready for some after-work fun, pair a thefable silk top with slim-fit pants or a snug-fitting skirt. It is sure to be a devastating look for both night and day. Such a shirt is also an excellent way to add a pop of colour to an otherwise drab outfit.

Layer Up

Now, when you are in the workplace, you do have to be a bit more conservative. Therefore, bared arms and shoulders may not always be suitable in such an atmosphere. This doesn’t mean that you have to carry the same vibe once you are off-duty, though. So, how can you rock both looks without needing a change of clothes?

Well, with layering of course. A simple blazer or cardigan can help to cover up or tone down a sexier shirt. This will make it more appropriate for a corporate environment. Then, when it is time to head out, simply ditch your cover up and loosen up a bit.

Consider Adaptable Pieces

There are some pieces that can be considered adaptable, even though it may not seem as much. An excellent example is skirts with zippers or buttons down the side. Now, during work hours, you can keep these zipped or buttoned up. However, once you are off the clock, letting a bit of skin peek through is a great way to vamp up the look.          

Accessorize Well

Last but not least, there are the accessories. It can always help to store some accessories in your drawers or under your desk for more casual occasions. Keeping a gorgeous pair of heels or statement necklace can be just the thing that you need to transform your ensemble. Opt for pieces that will go well with a wide variety of outfits and you will be set!

These are the top things to keep in mind when headed to a party or meet up after work. Incorporate them and you will discover just how easy it is for you to change up your look. This way, you can have the best of both worlds each and every time.


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