Factors To Consider When Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring


You are sure your partner is “the one” and you want to make it official. Before you go into buying the perfect engagement ring, ask for her parents’ permission first. This might sound outdated or a step you think you could skip especially if your partner’s parent are not traditional or are just cool without the formalities. This is still a sign of respect and good manners from your part and that you value them as someone who’d be your in-laws in the future.

Once you have settled this step, buying the perfect engagement ring is next. Read the list below to be informed of other components for your consideration before you purchase this significant piece of jewelry.

The Amount

There has been a belief that engagement rings should be three months’ worth of salary. You should not follow this belief since not everyone has the financial capability to buy an engagement ring this expensive. If you have really found the person you want to spend your life with, hopefully they would say yes no matter how much the price of the ring is. Besides, you would not want to spend your days as a married couple paying the debt because of the engagement ring.

The Design

There are hundreds of designs for engagement rings you could choose from that planning without ample time for research might have you end up buying something you don’t really think your partner would love. There are various diamond shapes you could choose from such as round, princess, oval, emerald, radiant, pearl, etc. There is also an option for different colored stone or stackable rings. One you manage to decide on the ring’s design, your proposal could now converge on the ring’s style. If you chose a ring with a classical design, your proposal could also be a timeless one, candlelight dinner under the stars. You get the idea. For example, Etrnl engagement rings have the widest array of engagement rings style that you could choose from.

The Surprise

Jewelers have noticed a surge of couples shopping for engagement rings together. This might work for them since by then they could be sure which ring their partner prefer, not to mention which size would surely fit. Although, by doing this, you missed on the chance to prepare for a surprise proposal that would surely knock them off their feet. If you are one of those who are not very romantic or affectionate, this could be one of the only times that you could manage to make your partner swoon and giddy with love. It would also be a story that would be shared countless times so make the surprise worth it. The more that your partner is least expecting it, the more the surprise would be memorable. Be in cahoots with their family and friends to make sure that the special event is saved for posterity.

These are just some of the factors you have to remember when buying the perfect engagement ring. Even if the amount, the ring’s design and the proposal are simple, the most important thing is that your love is genuine and that the engagement is only the first step to both of you wanting to spend the rest of your lives together.


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