Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Interview


Sure, you try your level best and mentally prepare yourself before the interview- but isn’t it always nerve-wracking when you’re seated there? Tapping your foot against the floor anxiously, biting your nails until your fingers start bleeding, and oh, drowning in your sweat- not so appealing when they call you inside for the interview, now is it? Don’t worry. These tips are going to help you prepare for your interview and ace it. 

First things first, learn how to maintain your calm

We know- you may think it’s easier said than done, but with these tips, you will not only learn how to keep your calm but also perform gracefully in your interview. 

Focus on your pause and breath before speaking

Make sure before answering any question, you pause and take a breath, and simultaneously prepare an answer in your head before you speak out. Thus, it allows you to come up with coherent responses and helps you avoid fumbling in your speech.

Focus on one question at a time

You should focus and think of an answer to the question you are asked at that moment and not ponder about questions you could be asked next or worry about those that they had asked you previously.

Never trust your memory in an interview

The interview may not go as you planned it would. Interviewers may examine you about random things in life, and if you keep focusing on everything you’ve prepared before-hand, panic might start surging in, plus you can mess up in your interview.

Next, work on the first impression.

Prepare your outfit a day or two prior to your meeting

It helps you mix and match outfits and find the most comfortable and elegant looking clothes that will boost your confidence. Choosing the right attire is mandatory as it portrays your personality. It is best not to over-do your look or be under-dressed.

Simple factors like well-groomed hair, clean nails, and tidy shoes will enhance your appearance and speak a lot about your personality. What you should be looking for is, keeping it classy. 

Try to mix and match jacket and pants or which cardigan goes with a lengthy pleated skirt. All these details matter. Take time out to pick the right outfit, as your sense of dressing and style could win you an extra-point in your good-books. 

Arrive on time

Employers value punctuality. Arriving late for the interview will portray a negative impact on you and your performance, pushing you to rush things. 

It is always better to give yourself a 5-10 minutes heads up and time mental preparation before your interview- perhaps arriving 10-15 minutes ahead is preferable.

Be honest

Honesty may not act in your favour instantly, but it will take you a long way in life. If you lie and secure a position in the company, and later your employer finds out about your dishonesty, it could result in a job loss or build trust issues between you and your employer. 

Body language

Constantly fiddling around with a pen or shaking your feet is a sign of nervousness- suggesting that if you happen to be in a critical situation in the future, you may become nervous and not make the best decision in the firms’ favour. During your interview, you will be analysed continuously, so it’s best to monitor all your moves as this will be all looked at in detail.


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