Shopping for Dresses You Could Wear Anywhere


Have you ever been in a situation where you have been suddenly invited to an important event (you could not miss) and you don’t have anything to wear? Yes. We’ve all been there. If you don’t want the same thing to happen next time, you should shop for an extra dress or two that you could wear be it for a wedding, or for a job interview or even your high school reunion. You need to dress to impress to these major events and you would not want to be caught dead wearing the same dress you have been wearing to all your friends’ weddings.

So, now that you know the importance of having a dress you could wear anywhere in your closet, how would you go shopping for the dress?

Shop for A Classic

You could never go wrong with an LBD or little black dress. This dress is considered to be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe because it is versatile and a classic. A little black dress could be dressed up or dressed down. It could be worn with a blazer for business wear, a cardigan or a shawl for a wedding. It is even appropriate for funerals. Depending on how you would accessorize it, it could be worn to any important and major events.

Shop for Versatility

There are dresses that are versatile you could wear it with sneakers or pumps. Dresses that could be worn numerous ways are also versatile especially those that come with a belt which could be tied several ways like a crepe knit bralette dress. A versatile dress is also something you could wear from morning until the evening. So, you could go to work wearing a dress that looks professional with a blazer but still could be worn for a party in the evening when the blazer is removed.

Shop for Neutrals

Once you notice all your dresses seem to be coloured black, or you prefer a different colour, shop for neutrals. Dresses that are grey, white, brown and beige are neutrals or earth tones that could complement other colours. If you purchase dresses in these colours, you would not have a hard time mixing and matching them with your existing clothes.

Shop for Practicality

No matter how it is a classic, versatile or neutral coloured dress, you still need to be practical. If it is beyond your shopping budget, don’t buy it. If you are shopping it just because it is from a famous brand, don’t buy it. If a dress comes with its own coat or shawl, then you are buying a good bargain. Being a good dresser doesn’t mean you have to pay for more.

When you buy dresses that you could wear anywhere, you are making the most out of your money. Dressing sharply does not necessarily mean you have to spend tons of money. Just take note of the pieces of clothing that you already own so you would not have to buy something you already own or at buy something that does not complement anything you have in your closet.


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