How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring


You are planning the perfect wedding proposal and getting ready to be engaged to the love of your life? But how do find the most important element of the engagement, the ring? How do find the best one. How to choose the perfect one to match your partner’s taste? Take a look at the tips below to see some of the easiest things you can do to shop for the dream ring.

Choose the Shape

The shape or the cut is the how the diamond (or any other preferred stone) is shaped on the ring. Your partner may already have a cut they prefer. If not, you can also decide this on the price. Different cuts come with different prices. For example, if you are looking for something that is not so expensive, then choose a pear or marquise cut.

If you are ok with spending a little extra, then you can go even go for something like the round cut which is the most expensive.  Pick two or three shapes as your final decision before you head off to the store. This way, if your first choice is not available or do not meet your price range, you can always go for the other choices.

Know Your Metals

Another thing to understand when shopping for rings is the different types of metals. Most common metals for engagement rings are white gold, yellow gold, platinum and silver. However, if you prefer to go on the less traditional route, then you can even pick something like rose gold. Platinum is rarer and is more on the expensive side.

When you are shopping you also need to ask about which metals scratch easily and which are not. If your partner prefers to wear the ring all the time, but is someone whose field of work may not work well with jewellery on hand (ex: artists, surgeons etc.) Then pick a metal that does not scratch or damage easily.

Right Measurement

Do get the right measurement when you are shopping for the ring because you cannot change it or alter it. Technically, if it does not fit right, you can get it changed, but engagement rings, unlike your everyday jewellery, comes with the symbolic and sentimental value. So, changing it might not always be the option.

Therefore, make sure to get the right ring size of your partner. If you are planning something like a surprise proposal, then try a subtle way of finding it out.  Casually mention your ring size to see if he/she will share theirs. Try getting the size using another ring they wear daily. If not, get a friend of your partner to help you out to get the right size.

Shop Early

Once you find and figure all of the above factors, then it is time to start shopping. Now that there is a specific design you are looking for, start shopping early so you have time to look in a couple of stores to find the perfect match to the dream ring.

Start browsing a couple of stores and go through their galleries. See the cuts, the prices and the metals. When the actual shopping starts for engagement rings Melbourne has a couple of jewellery stores that you can check out. Most shops offer both manufactured and custom-made rings so if you have a very specific design in your mind, you can always get it made.

Ring shopping is something that you need to start after a lot of research. This might include browsing through store websites, reading fashion catalogues that you never thought you would read and even talking to your partner’s BFF about your partners fashions and style preferences so that the surprise won’t be ruined. So be patient and don’t rush if you want the perfect ring.


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