Which Type of Face Mask Is Best for You?


Just like with hair care, facial treatments come in various forms, especially face masks. There are sheet masks, peel off masks, wash-off masks and more, all set for different purposes for different types of skin. The two most talked about masks are the sheet masks and the peel off masks.

How are they different from each other?

They are very much different products physically. Sheet masks are made of sheet fabrics with the brand serum soaked into it. You can remove it from the package and simply apply it to your face as it is already in the shape of your face.

The serum will set in onto your skin and hydrate the skin. Whereas with peel off masks, they come in pastes where you have to squeeze the tube, apply, and spread onto your face carefully. The mask will dry and solidify on your face and then it is peeled off, hence its name.

Peel off masks and sheet masks have different purposes. The sheet mask acts to moisturize your face best although both products aim to hydrate the skin. Sheet masks have a serum that help moisturize your face better. In stores, there are different types of sheet masks for different purposes so you can pick the one that best fits your skin.

Peel off masks, however, focus on exfoliating your skin. You spread it on your face, it stiffens and then you peel the mask off. This also peels dead skin off your skin. However sometimes this can also make your skin feel irritant or leave your skin feeling drier. It is important to pick a good peel off mask such as formula 1006 peel masks that are best suited for this.

Are peel off masks good to use?

Peel off masks are suitable for people with oily skin because they absorb excessive oils in your face. This helps to purify pores and help remove any bacteria that might cause acne. Other than removing dead skin and dirt on your skin, peel off masks also help exfoliate blackheads and whiteheads as well.

Peel off masks contain several antioxidants and vitamins which is also good for your skin. They also tighten your skin together making your skin look brighter and more alive after applying it. This helps lessen wrinkling as well.

However, they may be some slight health concerns regarding peel off masks too including skin irritation or skin drying. People should also be careful as to when they apply their masks. Masks should not be worn after recently injuries, sunburn, waxing, because this can lead your skin to be in an even worse condition and harm the skin.

The type of face mask you use depends on you and your skin. Peel off masks may be better for some while others prefer sheet masks however it’s good to remember not to overuse them and be careful. Some are more suited for oily skin or others for acne-prone skin so it’s always best to take your time and pick the best face mask for you.


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