Types of Treatment for Acne


Are you having trouble with your skin care routine? Have you been trying various skin care products and still haven’t found the right treatment for acne or pimples? If you are looking for the perfect cure, here are some of the acne treatment methods to try out.


If you are to take care of your skin, you need to follow some healthy lifestyle rules. This does not only include washing your face in the morning and night. Your lifestyle also matters when it comes to taking care of your skin. You might have plenty of people telling you not to pop pimples or them. But this is not enough. Your sleeping habits and eating habits also play a large role in keeping your skin clear and clean. This means getting adequate sleep, at least eight hours. You might not be able to follow the eight hour sleeping routine everyday with your busy schedule but try your best to not stay awake for long hours at night. Also keep in mind to have three healthy meals per day.

Proper Skincare Routine

Like said earlier, washing face in the morning and the evening is not enough. You should take steps to properly cleanse and exfoliate your face as well. Use a cleanser to wash your face twice a day to clean your skin and keep it less sensitive. Using mild scrubs for exfoliating can help you to get rid of the outer layer of dead cells and remove any damages due to pollution and exposure to the sun. While all natural mild scrubs are okay to be used on a daily basis, most scrubs are meant to use for once or twice a week.

Bacteria Treatments

Acne can sometimes occur as a result of bacteria. For this, using over the counter antibacterial cleansers is the best remedy. Most of these cleansers use benzoyl peroxide as their main ingredient and come as gels, lotions as well as creams. You can apply these on the affected area. These antibiotics will then work on the affected skin and kill the excess skin bacteria, reducing the redness of the skin. However, for some people benzoyl peroxide can cause slight irritation, causing redness and scaly skin. If you experience these allergic reactions, then stop using the product immediately and instead seek medical advice to treat your acne.

Doctor Treatments

If your acne is getting uncontrollable it is advisable to see a doctor or a dermatologist. There are many options offered by doctors and dermatologists to cure acne. Some of them are retinoid, which are used to unclog pores and oral antibiotics that can be used to treat acne. There are also laser treatments which you can try to get rid of acne. Laser treatments can encourage the production of collage and rejuvenates your skin. You can get acne laser treatments info or information about any of these treatment methods from a dermatologist if you are unsure what treatment to choose.

Once you have treated your skin issues or while you are taking the treatments, it is very important to follow the proper hygiene practices as well. Keeping your skin clean, removing makeup before bed, and using cosmetic products that do are not harsh on your skin are also important habits to keep in mind.


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