The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Great


We all like to look good for that special event or that date that is drawing near. So here is your guide, this will help you to not just look good but also feel good.

Love Yourself

This is very important, to look good you need to feel good. So you have to learn to love yourself despite your imperfections. You should embrace yourself no matter what your size or shape is. We try so hard to impress others that we often forget to take care of ourselves. So do things that bring happiness in your life. This is especially for those busy mums who have to handle their house and work all by themselves. Every day you should spend at least thirty minutes doing things that you like. It could be lazing in front of TV, reading your favourite book or simply chilling all by yourself and sipping in your favourite chocolate. The moment you feel relaxed and happy you will glow differently.

Take Care of That Base

It is extremely important to look after your skin, even though we could always use make up to hide our imperfections and enhance the beauty, a flawless base will give you good confidence. Unfortunately this does not come easy and you will have to work your way for it. To begin with you need to eat clean, that is stay away from anything that is junk. The moment you eat healthy food you will see a difference in your skin and also your energy levels. Also drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated by drinking fresh juices, avoid having sugar. You should also invest in good skin care products, something which is paraban free and will let it breathe. So checkout eco Sonya for sale they have got you covered for all skin types. The best thing about them is that unlike other brands they are extremely affordable.

Look After Your Hair

We girls get tired of the same hair look and love to experiment. Unfortunately most of the experiments are with heating tools and too much of it can lead to hair fall or thinning. So it is important to look after your beautiful locks. So include a lot of protein in your diet, have boiled eggs, fish/ chicken. Apart from that you should also consume fish oil, excellent supplements are important if your diet is not nutritious. Also make sure you oil your hair at least twice a week, and you could also try hair masks every week. There are a lot of hair masks available over the counter or you could make your own using the ingredients from the kitchen. Keep in mind the more you look after your locks, the more you will be able to experiment with your looks.  

Lastly, you should experiment with your looks. So have different kinds of clothes and don’t be afraid of trying something new. If you are not too sure about pairing up stuff you could always look up for options online.

Hope the above tips and tricks work for you.


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