The Many Benefits Of A Spray Tan


June is the month of weddings and if you find your social calendar full with several weddings and bachelorette parties to attend, you would definitely want to look your best at all (of course, there would be thousands of photographs and you want to look picture perfect in all).

If you are thinking you want to have a little of color but you don’t have any idea on how to go with that, head over to your nearest tanning salon and inquire about getting a spray tan.

Spray Tans Are Efficient And The Safest Way To Achieve A Bronze Glow

Comparatively safer than tanning beds, spray tan would not expose you to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and tanning beds UV lights. Getting a spray tan would also minimize the chance of you getting sunburned. Unfavorable skin conditions such as premature aging and other conditions brought by overexposure could be avoided if you choose to get a spray tan instead.

Spray Tans Are An Easy Way To Make You Feel Good

If you are not happy with having pale and pasty skin, that could be remedied in a snap. Just step inside a tanning salon, get a full body spray on tan and you could immediately feel your mood improving. Who has the time to sit in the sun and get the tan they desire? For 30 minutes or less, you would have that bronze glow you want without spending so much time achieving it. This is perfect for those who are always busy and could just spare a few hours of their time on beauty regimen. A healthy and radiant looking skin could be yours by visiting Eclipse tanning salon Rye. The spray tan service offered is natural looking and flawless. Instead of looking forged, the tan would complement the tone and color of your skin, rather than changing it completely.

Spray Tans Are Customizable

During your first visit to the tanning salon, you could go as dark or as light as you want your sun-kissed complexion to be. It would make more sense to ask the beauty therapist the shade and the product that would suit your skin instead of trying to self-tan. One brand’s medium could be another brand’s dark. You would not want to sport a tan that is too obvious.

Spray Tans Would Not Feel Icky And Greasy

Compared to tanning lotions, spray tans would not make you feel greasy and sticky. The risk of streaks is also down to zero.

Spray Tans Are Available All Year Long

You don’t need to look blue during the winter season since you could be tan all year long. Since spray tans are considerably considered to be safe and harmless, you could get it all year long.

After getting a spray tan, you are sure to have an even, no patchy and no streaky color. Spray tans also fade naturally and you would not have that awkward period of having pale arms and tanned legs. If that still doesn’t convince you, spray tans also hide signs of cellulite and will last weeks, making it worth every penny.


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