Match Your Shoes and Outfit Perfectly with These Tips


Finding the perfect footwear for an outfit is a challenge every woman understands. With so many stylish clothes out there, we really need a collection of shoes to fit every outfit. The clothing style, colour and print greatly affect the type of shoes it goes well with. Here are the basics of perfectly matching shoes with your outfit.

Small Heels

If high heels aren’t your best friend, you can still enjoy the beauty of heeled footwear in a comfortable way. Small heels are perfect to wear on almost any occasion, whether it is a regular work day at the office, a casual gathering or a formal event. You can wear it with almost any outfit as long as their colours or prints don’t clash.


Pumps are close-toed versions of stilettos and instantly transform any outfit into an elegant chic one. Urban styled outfits such as cigarette pants, pantsuits, pencil-cut skirts, long formal dresses and jumpsuits look perfect when worn with pumps. You can even wear it with trench coats and skinny jeans during winter. For parties or special events, pumps look great when worn with short summer or spring dresses.


While pumps are close-toed, stilettos are open ones. They are easy to match since any outfit look great when paired with these shoe type – from short dresses, long dresses, jeans and any other style ever possible. Neutral coloured ones are popular since they go well with any colour of your clothing. Check out Catwalk Connection online shop for luxurious and elegant stilettos perfect for any formal occasion.

Peep Toes

Peep toed shoes bring a sweet look to any outfit and are best worn over bare legs. For example, it would look great when worn with short or knee-length dresses. You can choose either stiletto or wedge type, depending on which feels comfortable for you. For flat peep toes, try wearing them with casual attire such as leggings or jeggings with long tops for an instantly chic outfit.


Boots are the most popular footwear during the winter months because of the warmth and comfort it provides. However, they can be worn with other outfits aside from winter styles. Boots can be literally worn with almost anything – from casual skinny jeans, short and long dresses, trench coats, rompers, and many more. Be creative and try it on different attires yourself.


Gladiator shoes are one of the most complicated footwear to match with. But as long as you know which style goes well with it, you would want a pair or two in your closet. They look great when worn with loose, flowy dresses either short or long. They are also perfect if you want to achieve a bohemian-inspired outfit. You can choose from a variety of lengths, from ankle to knee-length straps. If you have chunky legs, opt for thicker straps for a slimming effect.

There are still plenty of footwear styles out there that wasn’t mentioned in the list. Experiment with different footwear and outfits to learn more ideas on how to mix and match them perfectly.


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