Key Areas of Skin Health: How To’s For Every Women


As a woman, you probably know all about skin care and skin health already! However, there still could be some things you wouldn’t really have thought much about.


While most women pay loads of attention to factors like skin complexion, dryness, and clarity, one of the factors that is less known and cared for is ‘elasticity’. With ageing, elasticity is one of the key things that tend to change about your skin. In other words, your skin becomes less elastic with time, which is why you tend to develop wrinkles, lines, and other marks, making you look aged and mature, sometimes, a little more than you actually are.

One of the main ways to maintain the firmness of your skin, in addition to a healthy diet of course, is by getting frequent massages and facial therapy. Many choose to get skin tightening treatments done, too. This can be highly effective in increasing the elasticity if your skin. Look up best skin tightening clinic Sydney to find the professionals around the city. If you’re between your 30’s and 40’s or over, and looking for ways to get younger looking skin, these should really work for you!

Complexion/ Skin Tone

Complexion and skin tone aren’t just about skin colour, or having fair or darker skin. It also involves skin clarity and, what many would call, ‘glow’. All of these could be achieved with proper diets, plenty of hydration, and of course, good, personal care. You may want to get facial massages and therapies done often. You could also opt for natural and organic leave on facial packs and masks.

These aren’t just great for your skin, but work as amazing body relaxers, too. It’s also important to practice some basics, like washing you face two-three times a day, pat-drying it gently using a soft, dry towel, and avoid touching unnecessarily. Some may choose to take a supplement, which could be beneficial especially if they’re lacking a proper, balanced diet.


Hydration, again, is the key to keeping your skin moisturized, soft and supple. However, opting for safe and healthy facial cleanses and moisturizers also contributes hugely to preventing skin dryness and maintaining healthy and balanced moisture levels. If you think you usually have drier skin than normal, it’s important to take extra care about moisturizing it regularly. On the other hand, some skin types can be naturally oily. In this case, you may want to moisturize your skin in moderation, and also watch out for skin products that could cause more oiliness.

What to Avoid?

It’s certainly alright to use specific skincare products as long as they are completely safe. In addition to your washes and cleansers, you also need to see that your hair removers, acne treatment creams, and other facial treatment products are 100% safe and natural. If they aren’t, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get rid of them!


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