How To Choose The Perfect Outfit For Work


This has always been a topic under much debate when it comes to styling oneself. What truly defines what is appropriate for work and how do we dress accordingly when we aren’t given a straightforward dress code? Is there such a thing as being underdressed or overdressed for work? All these question burn in our mind at some point when trying to choose the perfect outfit for work. The problem is that there is no generalized or standard work outfit, this is because each work place is unique in its own way and so have different standards and requirements for dressing. For example, some places are quite formal and require their employees to be dressed as such to maintain the decorum while some other places are quite casual and don’t really have any such expectations from their employees. Whatever the situation at your work place is like, it is always hard deciding what to wear every morning and the whole process of putting together an outfit so early in the morning can sometimes be quite difficult. Nevertheless, we must do it and do it appropriately. Here are a few ways you can decide on that perfect outfit for work.

Understand The Environment And Vibe Of The Workplace

This is the key thing to begin this process of correctly determining what is suitable to be worn at a workplace. First, establish a sense of understanding of the extent of decorum maintained at your workplace. You could do this by observing your colleagues and their style of clothing and also the higher bosses’, supervisors’ and managers’ clothing. This will give you a sense of the type of decorum set at your workplace. Once you have an idea about this, choose your options of clothing based on comfort levels. For example, the jersey dress range seems like the perfect clothing that has a combination of comfort and style for work. Your comfort is important because you will essentially be spending 8 hours in this clothing for five days of the week.

Have A Mix, Don’t Look The Same Every Day

If you have figured out the vibe and the expected decorum at your workplace then it will be quite easy for you to establish your work wardrobe, however, try not to only stick to a certain type of clothing. That is if you have found dresses to be a quite comfortable and appropriate type of clothing to work, don’t always stick to that. It may start to look too boring and may appear to look uninteresting to your coworkers. Instead of doing this, you can incorporate more types of clothing such as pantsuits or skirts and shirts, etc. mixing and matching can be quite fun and not wearing the same thing twice in a row will make you as a person look more interesting.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your choice of shoes is quite significant, especially since you will be in them for quite a long period of time during the day. Choose comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the workplace.


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