How to And Not to Wear A Cardigan


A cardigan is something that almost every woman has in her closet. They are available in different styles, shapes and sizes as well as colours. They can be found in prints or in plain shades and some will suit certain body types, others will not. Even when you match it with an outfit, it has to match your bod type and the outfit that you are wearing which can get somewhat confusing. If you wear the wrong type or wear it the wrong way, you may look too wide or the outfit will look mismatched. Here are some types of cardigans and how you should and should not use them.

Waist Length or Cropped Cardigan

Waist length and cropped cardigans Australia are the most common and classic type of cardigan around. When you wear these make sure that you do not pair them with long tops. The stark contrast in lengths will not look flattering and it will also create a weird shape and proportion for your body as well. However, they will look really good if you pair them up with tight and flared style frocks and high waisted skirts. How you can measure the right fit is by ensuring that the hem of the cardigan does not go further few inches past the waist line of the dress of skirt that you are wearing. This is a good rule of thumb to follow.

The Oversized Cardigan

The oversized Aztec cardigan is something that is really on trend but they can be really tricky and challenging to style them. Oversize cardigans add a lot of bulk. Therefore, you should never pair them with loose fitting bottoms. You should stay away from maxi skirts and boyfriend jeans. If you do, it means that there will be width at the top and the bottom as well which means that you will end up looking really wide. Wear these with your skinniest pair of leggings or jeans. Make sure that your legs look as slim as possible.

The Wrap Cardigan

The wrap cardigans available essentially have the same basic shape that many of the Aztec cardigans have. But the difference is that they are generally fitted better and have less bulk to them. But that said, they do have a longer drape length. Do not wear these with a short skirt. Even though they may be less bulky the fact that they have a drapey length will create a big disproportion with short skirts. Instead of that, you could wear this with a pair of dark jeans and pants in order to elongate your silhouette and flatter your figure as well. The lapels of the cardigan will then create long and graceful lines up and don your figure.

The Boyfriend Cardigan

The longer length of the boyfriend cardigan will not work well with full skirts and dresses. Therefore, you need to see how the hem of the cardigan will cut off the body of your skirt right where it is wide which looks bad. Always stick to waist length cardigans with dresses. You can pair these with knee length pencil skirts, jeans and shorts. They will go really well with anything. Just make sure that your bottoms are tight and slim.


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