How to Add Volume to Your Hair?


Hair thinning or hair loss can happen to a lot of women due to a lot of different causes. These reasons might include causes such as stress to medical conditions and hormonal changes. While there are many remedies and treatment methods you can try for this condition, these remedies will take time to bring your hair back to its normal thickness and you might have to wait a while if you want to try out a new style. So if you are looking for instant methods to add more volume to your hair, here are some things you can try.

Change the Hair Parting

We all have a favourite place of parting our hair, either the sides or the middle. But constantly combing the same way and parting at the same place can cause the hair to look flat or start thinning. There is also the risk of getting bald patches due to thinning. This is one of many reasons that can prevent you from letting your hair down as you have to take an extra effort to cover up the bald patches. One way to cover this up is changing the place you part your hair when combing. Instead of the usual place, flipping the hair to the opposite side can add more volume.

Volume Building Shampoo

Another thing to try out is using volume building shampoos. There are many types and many brands in the market so make sure to read the label and buy something that has the least amount of conditioning. These shampoo can add thickness, and shine to your hair temporarily so this is also a great idea to try out if you want to go loose hair. These products are known to lift the hair away from the head when applied at the roots, and can make it look like you have voluminous hair. Also remember when using the conditioner, try to apply only at the tips so that the hair will not appear thin around the roots.

Try Back-brushing

Back-brushing, back-combing or teasing hair is a method of repeatedly combing hair towards the scalp causing the hair to knot up and tangle. This is mostly great for when you are trying out styles such as up-dos or ponytails. Remember to not back-brush too aggressively as this can cause too many tangles and can even increase hair fall when you try to comb it again or wash it. Work section by section, so that you won’t get massive knots or tangles. Once you have created the illusion of a large volume, use a spray to make sure it stays that way. However, this is not something you should try out every day as the constant tangling and knotting can cause hair damage.


One of the most popular ways of adding volume to your hair is extensions. Extensions can add both volume and length to your hair. The benefits of extensions include getting a voluminous hair in a matter of few minutes, being able to choose extensions that suits your type of hair, choosing your favourite hair colours and being able to experiment different styles from letting your hair down to tying it up. You can go to a professional stylist and get recommendations for the type of extension that suit you the most. Visit to know more about extensions and the instant benefits you can enjoy by applying them.

There is no need to feel bad about hair fall or thinning anymore. You can pick one of the above or even try a few of them whenever you want to try a new style.


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