How Do You Choose the Right Underwear? A Guy’s Guide


Buying men’s underwear is not easy. There are several things to consider, which women don’t have to endure with their undergarments. Unfortunately, not many guys know what these points are. This leads to their underwear not fitting well, or just being plain uncomfortable. We want to help with this, which is why we discussed 6 things to know.


Whatever you do, stay away from light underwear. Yes, they’re classics but light colours pick up stains easily. You’re likely going to sweat all day, especially if you’re very active. Not only do light colours stain easier, but they don’t look that good. Black is chic, while its counterpart looks more retro.

Boxer or Briefs?

Briefs are tight, giving ample support to your genitals. They’re musts if you’re hitting the gym. Boxer shorts are really comfortable. They’re loose fitting and worn to bed a lot. The thing is, they don’t support your nether regions. If you want a compromise, you could pick up a boxer-brief. They’re long like a boxer, but provide support similar to a brief.


How comfortable you’ll be is influenced by the material your underwear is made from. Thankfully, most are made from cotton. Cotton is great as it comes with a meshed build, letting air flow. There are also silk ones, which feels luxurious but makes you sweat. Sweating will be especially bad if the piece is made from Nylon

Some fabrics may not feel good on your skin. It’s common knowledge that cotton that’s poor in quality feels horrible. The fabric it’s made from influences how long it’ll last too.


Depending on what it’s made from, you’ll have to take care of it differently. You usually hand-wash underwear that’s made from satin or silk.

You’ll need to be careful with it if it’s a light colour as it could easily get stained. Light underwear tends to go a pink colour.


Underwear does not come in one size that fits all. You should make note of how the garment feels on your thighs. Remember that if it’s too tight, you not only will be uncomfortable, but sweat will collect, leading to stains.

Although everything’s fine in the thighs department, your underwear’s waist band may be too tight. You might not figure this out until you move in it a bit. Of course, see how your private parts are doing. There’s no point purchasing underwear that restricts your genitals.

Avoid Second Hand

You’d be surprised by how many guys use used underwear. It’s not so much them purchasing the pieces, but receiving them from loved ones. You probably don’t need a lesson on how unsanitary this is.


With all of this considered, it’s evident that there’s many things to keep in mind when purchasing underwear. From this assortment, make note of the material used. This will influence how comfortable you’ll be. It’ll also influence how well you’ll need to wash the piece. And of course, you need to consider if you’re going for a boxer or a brief – briefs give you more support but are not as comfortable. You now know everything to make a successful purchase, so what do you think?


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