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How to And Not to Wear A Cardigan

A cardigan is something that almost every woman has in her closet. They are available in different styles, shapes and sizes as well as colours. They can be found in prints or in plain shades and some will suit certain body types, others will not. Even when you match it with an outfit, it has […]

How to Keep Your Skin Well-Nourished

Let’s not kid ourselves- keeping our skin well-hydrated, nourished and maintained at all times can be quite a chore. This mostly because of our lifestyles. We tend to expose ourselves to harsh pollutants and chemicals on a daily basis. Dry skin, pallid skin and all those unseemly pores are the consequence. Don’t stress, however, because […]

How To Be Ready For The Big Day

He proposed and you said yes! Congratulations but what’s next? With the list of things to do and the need to look beautiful, there’s a lot of stress involved leading to the big day. Some things to focus on are the location, the food and drinks, the guest list, seating arrangement are to name a […]

Choosing A Beauty School That Suits You And Your Goals

With so many choices for beauty schools out there, choosing only one might seem a little overwhelming. Here’s a collection of tips to assist you along with the process. Every college and every student is a bit unique so makes sure to consider the tips below to discover the finest beauty school for you and […]

Things To Consider When Getting A Haircut

Before you change your hairdo there are certain things you should keep in mind and certain aspects that you should consider as this could prevent you from being disappointed. The Length Before you cut your hair, having a length in mind will be helpful to you. If you are someone who is not comfortable with […]

Ways to Have Clear & Spotless Skin

A lot of kids from around the globe experience a skin condition such as acne vulgaris. It’s normal especially during the time of puberty. Usually, it appears on the chest, face, neck and shoulders. It can happen in the start of the puberty stage and can last until adolescence. Also, acne is caused by other […]

Low Budget Ways To Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe

We all adore fashion and wish we could buy the latest trends every season. However let’s face it, it’s too expensive. You need to pay your bills first. It doesn’t mean you cannot look glam during this winter season though. If you look around, you might get some ideas on how to hype up your […]

How to Style Your Outfits for Both Work and Play

If you have ever been invited to after-work drinks, you know the fashion conundrum that exists. Although you would like to accept the invitation, you are also painfully aware that you are still in your work clothes. However, what if that wasn’t such a bad thing? If your dress code isn’t that severe, there is […]

Match Your Shoes and Outfit Perfectly with These Tips

Finding the perfect footwear for an outfit is a challenge every woman understands. With so many stylish clothes out there, we really need a collection of shoes to fit every outfit. The clothing style, colour and print greatly affect the type of shoes it goes well with. Here are the basics of perfectly matching shoes […]

The Many Benefits Of A Spray Tan

June is the month of weddings and if you find your social calendar full with several weddings and bachelorette parties to attend, you would definitely want to look your best at all (of course, there would be thousands of photographs and you want to look picture perfect in all). If you are thinking you want […]