6 Subtle Things That Damage Your Skin


Maintaining an impeccable complexion won’t be an easy feat. There are plenty of things in the environment and in your lifestyle that could be having detrimental effects on your skin. This may be the more obvious things like UV rays or picking at your pimples or it could be things that are far lesser known. If you want to maintain a healthy glow, here are some things in your life you’ll have to avoid or reduce as much as possible:

Chlorinated Water

We all love our pool time, but this aspect just had to be added to the list. Applying sunscreen to beat the sun’s rays isn’t the only possible thing you could be doing. The water in our pools contain chlorine and this is a chemical that is tasked to keep the waters clean but in the process can strip both your skin and hair of all their essential oils, leaving you feeling dry and itchy. So not only should you watch just how much time you spend in the pool, you should remember to wash yourself thoroughly when you’re done.


Medication, particularly allergy treatments, can lead to side effects. It’s often common to see these side effects accumulate on the skin so if your flare ups tend to coincide with when you take medication, make sure to consult your doctor about it and seek a better alternative.

Too Much Sugar

Who would have thought that all those late night snacks would be so detrimental for your health. Too much sugar has come to be associated with hormonal changes that can affect your collagen and elastin fibres (this is a very similar situation to hormonal changes triggered by stress). Eventually you’ll find that your skin will become brittle and will suffer from a loss of elasticity.

Inorganic Makeup

The beauty industry is focusing more and more on organic methods to source their products because the chemicals in those that do not are said to be far more damaging to your skin than their short term benefits promise. Be a conscious consumer, be mindful about where your products come from so you don’t put your skin at risk. Organic Beauty Co. for example, is a great place to get your organic beauty products sorted out.

Hot Showers

We all like to take a hot shower after a long, tiring day and soothe out those muscles but you’re actually harming your skin a lot when you do this. Hot water tends to bring about dryness and if your find yourself becoming itchy, having red or flaky skin, then you know the temperature has probably been too high. If you can’t escape hot showers altogether then remember to moisturize properly after you’re done.

Over Exfoliating

Exfoliation is an incredibly helpful skin care routine that helps return your skin to its normal glow and unclog pores but over exfoliating just scrubs all your skin away instead of just the dead cells on top. Be mindful about how hard you scrub and for how long- go according to the directions to ensure that your skin is not damaged.

These are the most detrimental aspects of our lifestyles that are probably doing the worst amount of damage to our skin, second to the sun. Try and reduce them as much as possible if you want to keep your skin healthy!


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